Here are our rules for safe play to help protect both players and the equipment:

1. 10′ Distance between players. All players must maintain a minimum of 10 feet between them and opposing players. No physical contact of any type is allowed with other players.

2. No climbing. All players must stay on the ground, and no climbing is allowed on vehicles, barriers, buildings or anything else.

3. Be aware of your surroundings. We play in a rustic urban environment that has potential hazards including but not limited to tripping, slipping, collisions, surfaces that may be hot, cold, rough, hard or sharp, blind doorways or corners, uneven terrain, standing water, etc. Please use common sense as you are playing in this environment, and look around carefully as you are moving about and playing.

4. Keep all equipment off the ground and treat it carefully. Our gear is very expensive, so in order to keep it in good working condition for you and others to enjoy we ask that you keep it off the ground at all times. If you need to use both hands for something like tying a shoe, fixing your headband, hair, etc, please ask a friend or one of our staff members to hold your gear. If you want to lie down(go prone), do not put the gun on the ground – please kneel down first.

5. Running:
Outdoors: No sprinting/all out running.
We ask that you keep your movements to a light jog or walking to minimize trips, slips and collisions.

6. Use family friendly language on the field at all times. We encourage communication, but verbal abuse of any kind is not tolerated.

7. Notify staff immediately of any safety concerns or equipment issues you may have. We want to make your experience on the Battlefield as awesome as it can be, please do not be bashful to ask for help – it’s why we’re here!