Open Play

Public “Open Play” Sessions:

Walk-ins are always welcome to our Open Play Sessions, but please be advised that many of the Sessions sell out, so advanced reservations are highly recommended. The schedule of upcoming Sessions are posted on the following page:   OPEN PLAY SCHEDULE. if you would like to reserve immediately , ONLINE RESERVATIONS are available, or you can also call 719.599.3000 for personal assistance with your reservations. If you don’t see an Open Play Session that fits your schedule, please call us as we may have options available for you to join with other unposted Group Sessions.

“Open Play Sessions” are our public live gaming events where individuals, families and small groups can come and play laser tag in combined teams. We play outdoors on a gigantic 3 acre Urban Adventure battlefield consisting of old buildings, military vehicles and barricades.  We divide all the participants into two teams, Alpha and Bravo, and you try and win your various objective-based Missions against your opposing team!

You do not need any experience with laser tag or video games (or anything else for that matter) to have fun! Our special format allows people of all abilities, genders and ages to easily all play together.  Depending on the particular Adventure Session you choose, the minimum age is 7 or 8 years old, and we’ve had folks all the way up to 88 years old play with us!

There are 3 awesome Adventures for Open Play (see below for details).  Our jam-packed Sessions have a variety of Missions (games), and depending on the Session have anywhere from 4 to 6 Missions that you will complete.

Groups of any size may participate in Open Play, subject to availability.  If you have a group larger than 10, we would suggest you check our Group Session Pages for additional information and options.

More important information below….


Open Play Schedule:

To see the schedule of upcoming Open Play Sessions, please click here or the Red Button in the upper left column of this page.  Due to the many group events that we host, Open Session times may vary from week to week and new sessions may be added at the last minute.  If you don’t see a time that will work for you, or if the events are sold out (not available on our calendar) please call, as we often can add additional players to other un-posted Group Sessions.

Call or BOOK ONLINE today – Advanced Reservations Highly Recommended! 719.599.3000


Types of Open Play Adventure Sessions:

NOTE: All 3 types of our Open Play Sessions can be enjoyed by newbies and return players (veterans) alike! Come back and try a different one!

1.    Infantry

Cost: $26 per player
Minimum Age: 7
Session Length: 4 Missions (approximately 90 minutes)

This is our basic Session with full length Missions. You will experience a nice variety of objective-based games that will put you right into the thick of the action! While this includes our most basic Missions, don’t let that fool you – they are still a blast!

2.    Special Forces

Cost: $30 per player
Minimum Age: 8
Session Length: 5 Missions (approximately 1 hr 45 minutes)

This Session adds one additional game over our Infantry Session plus it includes slightly more advanced Missions with some fun enhancements and props.  These Missions are based off of popular video games, and gives players opportunities to test their skills and do a little more strategizing if they choose. Newbies do fine – no experience is necessary!

3.    Black Ops

Cost: $34 per player
Minimum Age: 8
Session Length: 6 Missions (approximately 2 hrs)

This Session adds two additional games over our Infantry Session plus it includes the use of our incredible Ma Deuce 50 Caliber Machine gun! All weapons have their gun shots supressed for stealth play, and the Missions are designed for those who desire the greatest immersive play experience possible! Is this too advanced for newbies? NO WAY! Come on recruits – show up and show us what ya got!

Info for your event day:

We start promptly, so please arrive 20+ minutes early for parking, and check-in. Complete your ONLINE WAIVERS ahead of time to save some time and avoid lines. If you are interested in weapon upgrades, they are very limited quantity and available first-come-first-served, so come a little earlier for the best selection!

What to wear & bring:

All equipment is included for game play. No outside food or drink is permitted. Free water is available on the field during play.

Due to the urban setting of our outdoor battlefield the following are REQUIRED:

  • A completed ONLINE WAIVER  for each player - minors need parent signature
  • Closed shoes (like an athletic shoe or light hiking shoe). No sandals, clogs, flip flops or any open footwear with straps are allowed for safety reasons.

Summer suggestions:

  • Long pants are HIGHLY recommended – many players kneel or lie down during play, and the extra protection is a good idea!
  • Sunscreen and a light jacket are always a good idea to have on hand

Winter suggestions:

  • Layered clothing for outdoor winter activities
    ( just like you’d do for hiking, skiing, biking,  or other active sports)
  • Gloves (Non-bulky, flexible gloves work best)
  • Sunscreen