Open Play Schedule

Outdoor Battlefield – Open Play Times

The Outdoor Battlefield’s open play times change weekly, and reservations are highly recommended. Scheduled Open Play sessions for the next few weeks are listed below, but additional times may be added at any time, so check back or call if you don’t see times that will work for your schedule. Please note, all players must be at least 7 years of age for Infantry sessions, and 8 years of age for Special Forces and Black Ops sessions.

Upcoming Open Plays – To reserve online, please click on the desired session below – it will add one player to your cart and then you can select the number of players you desire.

All Open Play Sessions require payment in full at the time of the reservation in order to hold your spaces. All purchases are final – no refunds. Subject to availability and at least 5 days in advance of your reservation, you may change your play to another Open Play Session of the same price or higher and pay any price difference, plus a $10 change fee per group. No changes within 5 days of your event.

Please click here for more information or for times other than those listed. If you have any questions, please call our office at 719.599.3000.

To reserve online, please click on the desired session below:


Thursday June 29, 9am – Infantry
Thursday June 29, 5pm – Black Ops
Friday June 30, 1pm – Black Ops
Friday June 30, 3pm – Infantry
Friday June 30, 5pm – Infantry
Friday June 30, 7pm – Infantry


Saturday July 1, 9am – Infantry
Saturday July 1, 11am – Special Forces
Saturday July 1, 1pm – Infantry
Saturday July 1, 3pm – Black Ops
Sunday July 2, 1pm – Special Forces
Sunday July 2, 3pm – Infantry

Monday July 3, 3pm – Infantry
Tuesday July 4, 11am – Black Ops
Wednesday July 5, 5pm – Special Forces
Wednesday July 5, 7pm – Infantry
Friday July 7, 11am – Infantry
Friday July 7, 3pm – Infantry
Friday July 7, 5:30pm – Infantry

Saturday July 8, 9am – Infantry
Saturday July 8, 11am – Black Ops
Saturday July 8, 1pm – Infantry
Saturday July 8, 3pm – Infantry
Sunday July 9, 1pm – Infantry
Sunday July 9, 3pm – Black Ops

Monday July 10, 3pm – Infantry
Tuesday July 11, 9am – Infantry
Tuesday July 11, 7pm – Infantry
Wednesday July 12, 5pm – Special Forces
Thursday July 13, 11am – Infantry
Friday July 14, 3pm – Infantry

Saturday July 15, 11am – Infantry
Saturday July 15, 1pm – Infantry
Saturday July 15, 3pm – Infantry
Saturday July 15, 5pm – Black Ops
Saturday July 15, 7pm – Infantry
Sunday July 16, 1pm – Infantry
Sunday July 16, 3pm – Special Forces

Monday July 17, 5pm – Infantry
Tuesday July 18, 1pm – Infantry

For Dates later than shown above, please call our office – 719.599.3000