Law Enforcement Training

Police Departments, Sherrifs,  Security personel and any other law enforcement organization can benefit from time on the Battlefield Colorado arena.  We can work with your staff to customize realistic scenarios that will sharpen your field skills and deepen the teamwork that is essential in effective law enforcement activities.

Our realistic weapons in both size, weight and feel can provide extremely valuable hands-on training for your officers, while offering significant savings due to the elimination of costly ammunition.   Each of our military grade simulation guns provides accurate scoring of shots and hits, and provides immediate visual and audible feedback as to the performance of each individual.  Each gun can be readily configured so as to provide flexibility in setting up scenarios that are most effective for your law enforcement teams’ training.

Please call us to discuss how our unique programs can further your mission of safety, effectiveness, and team building.  Oh, and did we mention that your officers will really enjoy the Battlefield Colorado experience?