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Q. I’ve never done this. How does it work?
A. Battlefield Colorado is very different from traditional laser tag. Instead of just playing the same old laser tag games where everyone is just out for themselves, we create Action-Adventure based scenarios (we call them “Missions”), where teams compete to try and complete objectives. You won’t see black lights or smoke filled, crowded rooms on our Battlefields! On our Outdoor Battlefield, we play in an urban outdoor industrial setting in broad daylight on a 3 acre field, with multiple buildings, and complete scenarios that last from 1.5 to 2 hours. Our gear is super high tech – based on the same tech that the military uses for training. (The gear is capable to shoot upwards of 3 football fields in distance!) Battlefield Colorado is a very immersive experience – many people say its like a video game come to life!

Q. Do I need to have experience with Video Games or laser tag (or anything else) to really have fun?
A. While our Missions may be modeled after some of these video games, you don’t need to be an experienced gamer to play or understand the Missions. If you’ve ever played Capture the Flag, you will easily follow the objectives of our Missions. Each Mission begins with a short briefing, clearly explaining the goals and how your team can win!

Q. Do I have to have a reservation to play?
A. Reservations are not required, but they are highly recommended, as it is not unusual for our Open Play Sessions to sell out. Reservations guarantee that you will be able to play in the Session you’ve reserved. If you drop-in without reservations, as long as we have space available, you will be able to join the play. If you drop-in and we are sold out, you will need to wait to join another Session, which may or may not be available that day, as Open Play Sessions are limited to the times posted on our OPEN PLAY SCHEDULE .

Q. I only have a few players. Do we play by ourselves or with others, or ???
A. Our Open Play Sessions are designed specially for you! Open Play allows individuals or groups with just a few players to be able to come at set times and play along with other people in order to enjoy a truly immersive battlefield experience. Depending on demand at the time, your group size may vary. Since our huge Outdoor Battlefield can support quite a few players, and since we run multi-game sessions, we have these Outdoor Open Play Sessions at scheduled times that may vary each week. Click here for the upcoming OPEN PLAY SCHEDULE for the Outdoor Battlefield.

Q. Can we just drop by any time and play?
A. Due to the longer play format of our Outdoor Battlefield, you can only drop in during one of the Open Play Sessions that have specific starting times. Please see our OPEN PLAY SCHEDULE for upcoming Outdoor Open Play Sessions. Please call if you can’t find something that fits your schedule, as we may be able to have you join in with one of our Shared Group Sessions that are not publicly posted.

Q. Which Adventure Session should I choose?
A. For our Outdoor Battlefield, we have three types of OPEN PLAY ADVENTURE SESSIONS which vary in length and the specific Missions that are played. Newcomers can play any of the Sessions, as none of them require previous experience, and we typically always have new players at every Session. The longer Outdoor Sessions have more games and more variety in the Missions run, and the Missions are the most realistic and immersive. They have more features and props as part of the play – for example our Black Ops Session includes the use our incredible 50 cal machine gun! The shorter Outdoor Sessions are great if people have limited time or budget, or just want to try things out – and they are still awesome! Many people enjoy coming back and trying additional Adventure Sessions, since each Session has some unique Missions only available in that Session.

Q. Should I get a weapon upgrade?
A. While weapon upgrades aren’t necessary to have a blast playing, they are none-the-less very popular and often sell out! Our standard issue M5 is a very capable weapon, with an adjustable stock and a real red dot scope. However, many people DO enjoy our weapon upgrades, as they have a unique look and feel, and players with upgrades get some advantage on the Battlefield. Upgrades definitely have a “wow” factor during play. Depending on which upgraded weapon you choose, upgrades may have a larger magazine so you don’t reload as often, or they may have a higher firing rate, or they may shoot farther, or give more damage to other players, or they may have more health so you can take more damage before being eliminated. Weapon upgrades are not necessary, but they are most definitely awesome!

Q. Can I make a reservation for a weapon upgrade prior to play?
A. We have a very limited number of weapon upgrades, and they cannot be reserved in advance. They are available first-come first-served at the Battlefield – generally about 45 minutes prior to your Session start time. We normally recommend arriving about 30 minutes early for a decent selection, but this still does not guarantee availability.

Q. Is there a place for spectators?
A. Yes, we have a lobby area with seating and tables for spectating and waiting. No outside food or drink is allowed, however.

Q. Does it hurt to play?
A. We don’t use projectiles, so there is no pain involved (unless your pride is easily bruised if you lose to another team…)

Q. What equipment/gear do I have to wear? Do I need goggles or a facemask or a vest that is all sweaty from previous players?
A. Since we don’t use projectiles, we don’t require any face protection -yea! We also don’t use bulky and sweaty vests. The only think you will wear is a very small headband that holds the laser tag sensors. Headbands are laundered and only used once, so you won’t have to worry about getting “cooties”!

Q. How do I tag my opponents?
A. Every player has sensors on their guns, and on their heads – that means gun shots and head shots are counted. Since our gear is very accurate, shots to other parts of the body where there are no sensors are not counted.

Q. How do I know what’s happening during the Missions?
A. Your equipment tells you throughout the game if you are hitting others, or if you are being hit. You may also hear certain game status information being broadcast by the Field Marshals running the Missions.

Q. Is this like paintball or airsoft?
A. While there are elements that may be like those activities, there are some important differences. The main difference is there is no pain or mess – you won’t be getting big welts! And more good news – you don’t have to wear protective gear! Also, we play non-elimination style play, which means you aren’t eliminated from play when you are tagged out. This means you get much more play time!

Q. If I’m playing with others who have played before, will I stand a chance, or will I be eliminated and then have to sit and watch the experienced people have fun?
A. The beauty of our format is that newbies compete very successfully with others who may have played before. Our Outdoor Battlefield uses non-elimination format Missions, so when you are tagged out, you go back to your base, get a new life, and keep playing! This means you get lots of play time, and can learn very quickly how to be successful! Also, since our fields are so large, you don’t have to worry about things being so crowded and confusing. If you want, you can spread out, take your time, get your bearings, and have plenty of time to have success – right from the very first game!