Donation Requests

Battlefield Colorado donates a limited number of gift cards (for play only) to non-profit and church sponsored events that help our local youth. This includes fundraising events for charity and for programs within the organizations themselves.

While we’d love to say yes to every request, due to the number of requests we receive (typically 3-5 a week!), we obviously can’t help most of the requests we receive. As a result, we focus our efforts for local underprivileged/disadvantaged youth, and for churches/ministries who have specific programs for youth involvement in the community or internationally to help others who are disadvantaged (ie Missions trips). If you are fundraising for a school, athletic team, or basic operating costs for your organization, while we very much appreciate what you do, we will unfortunately not be able to assist since that doesn’t fall into our area of emphasis.

To request a donation, please submit a letter on your organization’s letterhead at least 4 weeks prior to your event (or when the donation is needed). Be sure to include a clear description of your organization and the event or need, including how your event supports disadvantaged youth. Please also include a website address, and a Federal Tax Exemption Number. We would also like to know if and how you might recognize Battlefield Colorado as a sponsor to your event. If your donation request is granted, you will receive a letter and gift card(s) by mail prior to your event. We do request a confirmation letter from you stating your receipt of the donation.

Please send donation requests as stated above to:

Donation Requests
Battlefield Colorado
PO Box 1974
Monument, CO 80132