Bachelor Parties and Bachelorette Parties

Yes… the challenge for the Best Man or Maid of Honor… trying to put something together that is awesomely fun, super memorable, and well… reasonably safe so everyone arrives to the big event in one piece!

If your group of guys or ladies enjoy video games, or the outdoors, or a little healthy competition, or maybe you just want to get back at the groom/bride-to-be for all those past escapades they sucked you into, Battlefield Colorado is THE WINNER on all fronts!

Our unique Adventure creates “Missions” that two teams compete to try to accomplish, and it creates an adrenaline-packed, exciting atmosphere that the guys will totally love. Since we don’t use projectiles like paintball, your wedding party won’t show up with unsightly welts, or looking like they’ve been been in a late-night brawl (unless of course you get into some mischief after the play is over…)!

We’ve done tons of bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, and the reaction is all the same… everyone has a BLAST, and will be talking about the action for days and weeks to come.

Oh, and can we offer a helpful hint? (Courtesy of one of our guests…)

A couple years ago, a best man was planning a bachelor party, but several of the guys didn’t know each other that well. He called and asked if this would be a good way to break the ice for the guys, which of course it certainly is! As we discussed it, he then asked, “Hey would this be good to include the bridesmaids in too, cuz they don’t know the guys at all?”

Voila – as you can probably guess – both the groomsmen and bridesmaids (and even some of the family members) all played together and it was a fantastic success. He called us afterwards and told us that the whole wedding party was talking throughout the weekend celebration like they had all been best friends forever!

Give us a call today, and see how we can help make your bachelor or bachelorette party a smashing success! 719.599.3000