Yeah, our equipment is pretty sweet!  Our laser tag guns are super high-tech, and can simulate over 50 different types of weapons. But these are not the old plastic Star Wars jobs you may have used in the old-school indoor laser tag arenas.  Just like the real deal, our guns are made from metal and composite, have real red dot scopes that you’ve got to look through if you hope to hit anything, and they even run out of ammo so you’ve got to reload!  They are super accurate, and depending on the weapon, can shoot over 1000 feet (that’s over 3 football fields)! Since they use infrared light to shoot, they are eye safe, and there’s no projectiles so they don’t hurt. They’ve got a number of specialized features we may employ during various missions (games), and if you come for our Black Ops Session, your weapon will have a suppressor (silencer), and you’ll get to experience “Pixie”, our awesome “Ma Deuce” 50 caliber machine gun! Advanced features such as damage and health and re-spawning allow us to re-create online experiences similar to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War, etc.  You’ve only imagined this in the past – now you can actually play it LIVE!

And what everyone seems to love is that our guns use highly specialized wireless communications technology to provide gun-to-gun communications. This allows both visual and audible feedback, so everyone gets immediate real-time indication as to how they are doing, and the action occurring in the games. Not only do the guns sound like real weapons, but they talk back! We also have some top-secret gaming props that you’ll have to come out to the field to experience in person…

Our standard issue weapon is our M5 Stinger. We have a limited supply of upgraded weapons available that provide various advantages during game play. All our guns support both right and left handed players. Please read the details for each weapon below.

What you can’t tell by these pictures are the amazing reactions we get the first time someone picks one up…


 M5 Stinger

The Stinger is our standard issue weapon.  Super comfortable weight and size that fits most any age. Equipped with a red/green dot scope, and an onboard display showing ammo and hit status. It has a fully adjustable stock, with a 40 round magazine. It can be operated in two modes, semi-automatic (one shot for each trigger pull), or fully automatic (hold the trigger down and it shoots 450 rounds per minute)! You can take 10 hits before you are eliminated, but don’t worry – just go back to your base and “re-spawn”, and you get to jump right back in the game! This gun is for you, recruit!



 Upgraded Weapons – Very Limited Availability:

All our upgraded weapons are styled after different guns, and have some advantages over our standard issue Stinger. You might get a larger magazine to minimize reloads, or a faster rate of fully automatic fire, or you may be able to inflict more damage per hit, or you may have higher health which means you can take more damage before you are tagged out. Whatever you choose, you will have a blast, but just a note of warning – they are only available first come first served so they cannot they cannot be reserved ahead of time. These upgrades are extremely popular and sell out in almost every session, so make sure you arrive about 30 minutes before your session starts to get the best selection!

MP5K “Scorpion” SMG Submachine Gun

This bad boy packs a lot of punch in a small package. Set up with increased magazine capacity, and the highest firing rate of our entire arsenal, this little beast is our lightest weapon, and great for close quarters combat… or those who just want extra ammo to burn! Great choice for people wanting something very light weight and easy to operate.


MP5 “Sabre” Submachine Gun

Similar to the MP5K, but with an adjustable stock. With its vertical foregrip, increased magazine size and the second fastest firing rate on the Battlefield, the soldier with this weapon is always very well known to their enemy. This is a great choice for players who have not had much experience, as it is very easy to operate, and with the adjustable stock can be made to fit just about any age or size player.


Mark 18 “Commando”

The shorter, lighter version of our M4 sniper rifle. With its large magazine, extra health, and smokin’ fast firing rate and giggle switch set to three round burst, it’s easy to see why this weapon is THE choice for our Special Forces.


M-4 Sniper Rifle

Battlefield Colorado’s ultra realistic weapon is as close to looking & feeling like government issue as we could get!  The M-4′s size and weight is perfect for military or law enforcement simulations, or just for those out to impress their dates! The M4 is set up as a sniper, which means it shoots the furthest distance of any weapon in the armory, and it packs the most punch. Instead of the standard issue 10 shot elimination, this ultra lethal stealth fighter takes out the enemy out in a mere 6 shots (40% faster)! But plan carefully – the M4 is set up realistically in semi-auto mode, with a limited mag size, so make your shots count!



Yep, you heard us right.  This is a big-boy toy, and trust us, not for the faint at heart.  It pretty much does what it looks like it does…  and it definitely gets the job done. With the highest health, this monster takes an amazing 14 shots to be eliminated (40% higher than the standard issue). It packs more punch too, eliminating opponents with only 9 shots. This behemoth is heavy – just like the real McCoy. While younger players always want it – they’ll have to settle to watch dad and wait a few years. For ages 14 and up only!


Desert Eagle Pistol

This baby looks and feels like the real deal. Want some close quarters action? Need something small, lightweight, and quick to the action? This is the right tool for the right job! The pistol is the weapon we use for younger kids (ages 7 and 8) who may not be able to carry the heavier rifles.


Oh, did we mention the .50 Cal Machine Gun?

So who’s gunna be able to handle this bad boy? Wreaks havoc on the opposing team – if, that is, you can get it and protect it!