Battlefield Colorado is the first of its kind in the state of Colorado. While we like to say we are the “Future of Laser Tag”, our new adventure sport is far more than what most people think of when they’re used to the old style of laser tag.

Using state-of-the-art military  simulation technology, Battlefield Colorado combines elements of laser tag, paintball, airsoft, and online gaming.  Our guns are very realistic, both in appearance and weight, and can be used both outdoors and indoors, and in broad daylight.  The guns utilize harmless infrared light (like your TV remote), but shoot with amazing accuracy up to 1000 feet –  that’s  3 football fields!

Since there are no dangerous projectiles, there is no pain – just hours of adrenaline-packed fun that everyone in the whole family can enjoy (8 years and up).  We don’t use clumsy, heavy and hot vests, and you don’t need sweaty face masks and eye protection to keep from getting hit in the face.  And while you don’t have to worry about the pain, you still get plenty of thrill from the game.  The equipment provides a very fast pace, along with long distance, accurate tagging of opponents, and a highly interactive experience because the equipment actually talks to you during the adventure, so you have immediate feedback as to how you are doing.

Battlefield Colorado is a very affordable adventure sport that combines fast paced fun with strategy and some good ol’ healthy exercise.  Our typical sessions last 90 minutes,  and during that time we run a variety of “missions” that challenge players of all ages, sizes, genders, experience, and abilities.  New players find they can pick up the sport very quickly, and are contributing to their team effort on the very first game!  We have women tell us all the time that prior to their first visit to us they were a little apprehensive because of their previous experience with laser tag or paintball. But after playing, they are telling us how they want to bring other female friends and co-workers back because it was so much easier, funner, and safer than they had imagined!

If your friends, family or group are looking for an exciting new adventure, why not come out and see for yourself why the Battlefield Colorado style Outdoor Laser Tag is sweeping the country as one of the most innovative and exciting new adventure sports in decades!